Circulation IS the Cornerstone TO Health Part 2 – Recognizing Poor Circulation

Many people experience symptoms of poor blood flow, day in and day out and think of these symptoms as their “new normal” thinking that everything is OK, but poor circulation creeps up on you.

Are you someone who experiences swelling, tingling, coldness or numbness in your hands and feet? Low blood flow can contribute to these symptoms.

If you experience digestive issues, low blood flow can be the culprit as a decrease in blood flow slows down digestion and your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  This can lead to stool retention, known as constipation, which can lead to feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Who wants that?

Poor circulation can weaken your immune system and may cause you to pick up illnesses faster than someone who has good circulation.

The brain relies heavily on blood flow to function properly. As you age, you might experience brain fog, feel less focused & get confused easily, but that is not normal. It may be a sign of poor circulation to the brain.

How many people wake up exhausted before the day begins?  Do you find that you wake up with sore muscles or that you have less endurance during the day?  When your circulation slows down, the amount of fuel delivered to your muscles becomes restricted causing less oxygen and nutrients to fuel your muscles and thus, you feel tired!

Without proper blood flow, two filters of elimination; the liver and kidneys cannot function properly causing damage to these vital organs.  Since the kidneys regulate the fluids in the body, poor circulation in the kidneys can lead to swelling and other problems.  I will discuss this in Part 3, where I will share how getting the proper circulation in my kidneys saved me from a world of hurt.

Wouldn’t you rather experience, abundant energy, better blood flow, efficient waste removal, clarity of mind, physical fitness and endurance? How would you like to reduce your stress levels, enhance your breathing and cardiac function, as well as experience great sleep?

Good circulation is the KEY to a healthy body.

© Pam Bown 10/27/18; All Rights Reserved

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