Full Bucket

In 1992, when I experienced the onset of multiple chemical sensitivities, it was challenging to focus my attention on anything other than the reactions that I experienced in my body. Exposure to chemicals was everywhere!

I was subjected to various photographic chemicals at my jobs, cosmetics, toiletries, mildew, food additives, conditioners and preservatives, pesticides in our food supply, pesticides sprayed around the perimeter of our home, mosquito spraying, road construction, lawn chemicals, petrochemicals, chlorine and fluoride in our water, home remodeling, animal dander and so much more.

I refer to what I experienced as the Full Bucket Theory. Please allow me to explain. Most people do not think about all the chemicals that go on their body, and into their body, through touch/absorption, ingestion or inhalation. Nevertheless, these daily exposures add up and eventually your immune system begins to weaken.

Sooner or later, the bucket (your immune system) gets full, cannot hold anymore and begins to crack. Think of water filling a bucket. What happens when there is too much water for the bucket to hold? It begins to spill over or depending on its condition, it begins to crack, as the pressure is too great to keep its integrity. When it cracks, water begins seeping through the crack until it erodes and eventually breaks.

Think about what happens to the immune system if it begins to crack and lose its integrity. You get sick right? You go to the doctors, but they have no clue what is wrong with you. You have so many different symptoms that the doctors just scratch their head and run test after test after test with no answers, so it must be psychosomatic. Have you heard that one?

Your friends and family do not understand you and most of them think that it is all in your head.  Your spouse or significant other is doing their best to understand you, but they too have a challenge wrapping their head around what is happening to you.  I used to think, “how can I expect anyone to understand me when I did not understand what was going on myself?”

Reclaiming my health was an empowering journey that opened my eyes to healthier ways of living and being. You too can experience empowerment on any level that you choose. Where do you begin? You begin one step at a time. Remember, it takes many steps to build a ladder. Begin by exploring what is overloading your bucket and slowly relieve your bucket of its heavy load.

© Pam Bown 10/25/18; All Rights Reserved

yellow ceramic mug with water droplets in time lapse photography
Photo by Ravi Kant on Pexels.com





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