Circulation IS the Cornerstone To Health

The circulatory system is the most important system in the body. For this system to function properly, the body continually circulates approximately 5 liters of blood to deliver oxygen, nutrients, hormones and regulate pH to support every cell, organ and process in the body. Poor circulation affects everyone, at every age. If not addressed, it can lead to serious health challenges.

  The circulatory system is the river of life! The veins make up 14.5% of the circulatory system and the arteries make up 11.5% of the circulatory system. That is only 26%. What about the rest? Microvessels called capillaries make up 74% of the circulatory system! The capillaries are where microcirculation occurs. Approximately 100 trillion cells in the body are nourished and cleansed via microcirculation.

When microcirculation is disturbed, the expansion and contraction of blood vessels slows, and the body begins to break down. Many factors hinder microcirculation such as: stress, (both environmental and psychological), some pharmaceuticals, and a sedentary lifestyle, just to name a few. Stress can cause constricted blood vessels, which is like a dam in a river. Keeping this analogy in mind, if your blood vessels are not expanding and contracting to move the blood along, the cells slowly become starved of oxygen and nutrition. A lack of oxygen and nutrients to the cells leads to acidity. Acidity destroys cell metabolism which can set the stage for chronic conditions.

Here is the bottom line. When you have healthy microcirculation, you have healthy cells. When you have healthy cells, you have healthy tissues. When you have healthy tissues, you have healthy organs. When you have healthy organs, you have a healthy body!

The path to wellness begins and ends everyday with great circulation. Invest in yourself and your future health because you are worth it!

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